Following its sold-out premiere in Fall 2012, Triskelion Arts remounts Kyle’s extended solo chronicling one hundred days of borrowed movement. Exposing the artist’s versatility as a performer and testing his endurance, the work is an assemblage of impressions showcasing both expressive range and physical nuance. Ever hear the maxim, “If you put it onstage, no one will believe it”? Well… believe it, these personae are real. Or are they? Dancing in a spare landscape to William Catanzaro’s mesmerizing score and under Andrew Dickerson’s moody lighting Kyle navigates a line traveling between mimicry, invention and reality. The work evolved out of one hundred consecutive days of observations between July 1st and October 8th 2012. This time, the original characters are rearranged and joined by newcomers, re-embodied and stuffed (like Kyle) into a nude unitard designed by Garo Sparo.

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