As someone who has listened and contributed to this progressive radio station for over 50 years–from the time the station was located in the church at 62nd Street and Second Avenue and was produced by Delores Costello to now–I am now questioning what is going on with the station. There has been no communication with the listener, so I–and others who contribute to the station–cannot ask any questions.

The station allegedly moved on Feb. 1 in a merger with WHCR in Harlem. I was very happy, thinking that the merge of this city’s premier progressive radio with yet another progressive radio would bring a higher quality of programming to our listeners and our community.

Since then, great disappointments have set in:

  1. Personalities like Earl Caldwell, Gary Byrd, Basir Mchawi, M. Saidia Mclaughlin and others who have links to the community seemed to have disappeared from view on the air. It seems that only a chosen few who are constantly begging for money have access to the airwaves.
  2. The general manager seems to lack the account- ability required of previ- ous managers and program directors. This seems to contribute to the “tribal warfare” that is evident in the programming and has an adverse reflection on the administration.
  3. A woman from California has taken control and has even eliminated the world-renowned International Women’s Day programming.
  4. There is no accounting for money that has been raised. Fundraising has been ongoing since February 1; no one seems to know the total amount raised to date.
  5. The perpetual fundraising along with the same repeated programs turns the listenership off.
  6. The general manager’s failure to include new community-oriented producers is a serious concern.

I would like for you to look into the issues and concerns listed above and print responses to them when possible.