Davila's designs are dynamic for fall (38840)
Davila's designs are dynamic for fall (38839)

Sergio Davila’s fall 2013 collection emphasizes the quality of natural textiles. With an intelligent and chic style that he conceived in the U.S., his clothes feature influences from the millenary techniques used in Peruvian knitwear and textiles.

Drive and passion define Davila. He is quickly making his mark on the Manhattan fashion scene. Davila’s looks reflect an elusive magic that’s usually found in fine designs. His inspiration comes from America. He describes it as “the style of men from three Americas: North, South and Central.” Basically, his collection is energetic and full of life.

A native of Peru, Davila graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2002. He immediately began developing and creating his own menswear line based on a vision of how he wanted to dress after graduation. His very first collection created a buzz on the West Coast and found immediate buyers with such established retailers as Rolo, Mac, Smith, Williams, Solis in San Francisco and Timoteo in Los Angeles. This buzz was quickly followed by the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation’s decision to include the collection in a charity fashion show in San Francisco in February 2004. Sergio’s fall/winter 2004/2005 collection was launched to critical acclaim.

His summer 2008 collection was shown at the Chelsea Art Museum in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week. Collezioni magazine described the line as having “great cuts and pieces that fit a variety of body types.” For fall/winter 2009, Davila teamed up with Mara Hoffman and Nicholas Kunz to present, for a second time, at the Mercedes-Benz event.

In his 2010 collection, the designer drew inspiration from the great Lawrence of Arabia. His adventurous spirit and dreams provided Davila with the theme for his new collection. His clothes capture an attitude of freedom and sophistication. He also introduced a collection of women’s wear that evolves from the modern world.

In these looks, it’s all about comfort as a way of life. With wardrobes in continuous transformation, Davila’s customers are chameleonic and “the look” is best defined as casual. He now has three stores and is also the first Peruvian to act as fashion ambassador to Brand Peru, which promotes fibers like alpaca and Pima cotton around the world.