After all these years, I’ve finally found another perfect thing to do, now that summer is over and before the temperatures drop another 20 degrees. What’s that, you ask? Shopping, of course. There are Labor Day sales, Columbus Day sales, end of season sales, clearance sales–and don’t forget the final markdown sales. It’s a shopper’s delight.

Cashing in on that theme was Vogue magazine, which hosted a style night at the Kenneth Cole store at Grand Central. Invitations were sent out promising champagne, hors d’oeuvres, a DJ and personal stylist, so how could one resist? I know I for one could not, and was I ever so glad that I didn’t. Not only did the evening turn out to be fun, but I finally found what I was looking for–a good fit.

You see, I am at that stage where, HORRORS, my body is changing. I am no longer a size 8, which I so enjoyed being for many years, but I have yet to reach a size 10 (whew!). I am somewhere in between. Hence, everything I own is too small and everything I’ve been trying on is too big. What’s a girl to wear? Little did I know that Kenneth, who has now become my new best friend, cuts his clothes just a little bit bigger than average. A size 8 fits fine, and a medium is perfect. Needless to say, I went slightly bananas but only because I had to practically empty out my entire closet. If this weren’t enough, the best part is, prices are reasonable.

My search, however, was not quite over for the perfect pair of booties (as in shoe boots). You will last recall I was shopping in Bloomingdale’s, where the shoes were terribly overpriced, or so I thought, and everything was made in China, which is not particularly known for making quality products. I asked the salesperson, “Isn’t anything made in Italy anymore?” “Oh yes,” was the reply, but now you’re spending really big bucks. I therefore journeyed on until I found myself in Macy’s, especially after they advertised using the magic word, “sale.”

While the prices were a bit lower, the shoes looked a bit low-priced as well. At least Bloomingdale’s gave the illusion that their shoes were straight out of haute couture. After much inspection, I turned to the saleslady who had been hovering over me, requesting to try on a shoe that was appealing, something I could have fallen in love with. Whipping out her handheld computer, punching in a few keys, she looked at me and said, “Yes, we have it, now what is your name?” “My name?” I exclaimed, while at the same time thinking that I could just give her a fake name, just say my name is Sue, get it over with, try the shoe on. Upon further thought, I said to myself, “Wait a minute, I am supposed to stand for truth, justice and the American way. What would I, your Cosmopolitan Reviewer, look like giving a fake name?” I mean really.

“Why do you need my name?” I asked. The reply was something along the lines of “in case I come back with the shoes and you are not here, I can page you over the loudspeaker.” Now I’ll admit, while I am on a quest for fortune and fame, having my name announced over the loudspeaker at Macy’s was not exactly what I had in mind. “Thank you, but never mind,” I replied, and with that I returned to Bloomingdale’s and bought the booties I originally saw. Of course by this time, the “sale” was over, but I was just glad they still had them in my size. Oh yeah, and the shoes in Macy’s, they were all made in China.

Happy birthday, Langston Williams, Roger Daniels, Jamie Foster, Crystal Gaines, Mary Louise Williams and Ruth Clark, who is about to be roasted and toasted on Friday, Oct. 19, at Melba’s State Office Building.

The Children’s Aid Society will host a Sports Management/Career Development workshop for youths aged 14-20. Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 16, there will be weekly sessions covering topics such as careers in sports, tips on obtaining financial aid, managing the scores table, promoting events and a field trip to visit a college. The facilitator is Kelsey Stevens, who can be reached at 212-865-6337 or by emailing Classes will be held at the Society headquarters on Columbus Avenue between 103rd and 104th streets.

You do remember that you read it here first, months ago, that Clyde Frazier, our fabulous Knick, was opening up a restaurant on 10th Avenue at 38th Street? Well, you will be glad to know that Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine is up and running and gaining a reputation as the “in” place. The walls are decorated with larger-than-life-size pictures of Frazier’s glory days on the court, the food is good and, naturally, large-screen TVs are placed throughout the venue so patrons can watch the game. Which game? Any game that’s on, and there is always a game on.

Wondering what to do for Halloween? Clyde Frazier’s will host a Halloween party on the 27th, and B. Smith will host her own Halloween party on the same date at her Sag Harbor restaurant. Both are giving prizes for the best costume. Whether you’re here or there, you’re sure to have a howling good time.

Both here and there are the Guardsmen, who are about to jet off to Monte Carlo and Paris, while Fred and Joy Cooke are just returning from a cruise to Canada. It’s also bon voyage to Seymour James, president of the New York State Bar Association, and his wife, Appellate Court Judge Cheryl Chambers, who are all set to rendezvous off in the blue horizon for their wedding anniversary; is it 32 years? My, my how time flies when you’re having fun.

Until next week … kisses.