NEW YORK (April 18)–If you are interested in becoming the next leader of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), get your application in this Friday.

Following the retirement of Jamaican Alec Sanguinetti, the regional trade association is casting a wide net to land a new CEO for the federation of national hotel associations across the Caribbean region. The CEO will develop and execute approved annual strategic plans to ensure the organization’s maximum effectiveness in functional areas. These include support of the member national hotel associations, allied members, membership development and support, advocacy programs, regional marketing, internal and external communications and public relations, events management, organizing with other tour and travel industry associations, maintenance of sound fiscal policies, cultivation of staff talent and objective reviews of appropriate new revenue generation streams.

The CEO will report directly to the elected CHTA president, make all decisions and take all actions in connection with the operation of CHTA in compliance with directives from the Board of Directors.

Candidates must be comfortable with public speaking and have the ability to engage audiences, as the CEO will serve as the “primary voice of CHTA” on regional advocacy matters. The CEO needs to have highly developed written and interpersonal communication, negotiation and collaboration skills, and will monitor regional and global events and trends, keep the national hotel associations advised of relevant issues and oversee the services of the CHTA PR agency to ensure effective communication of CHTA advocacy positions throughout the region.

Previous work experience and/or working knowledge of the Caribbean tourism industry are a desired plus. The ability to speak Spanish or the willingness to learn Spanish is required. The candidate must be willing and able to work within the U.S.

To apply for the position, email no later than Friday, April 19.

Meanwhile, the Caribbean will be featured at the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards and Travel Expo scheduled for April 26 to 28 in Atlanta. Dubbed by the organizers as the “Oscars in Black culture and heritage tourism,” the first time event is dedicated to Jamaican national hero Marcus Garvey, whose son Dr. Julius Garvey is slated to present two major awards.

Kitty Pope, founder and producer of the event, said an awards ceremony of this type is needed “because we have shining stars who have worked hard to push forth agendas related to Black culture and heritage tourism.”

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