Fitness expert Tadeo Arnold gives 'Scandal'-worthy body workout tips (38756)

It’s no secret that actress Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope on the TV series “Scandal,” has one of the sexiest siren roles on TV. She’s one of a few actresses who generate as much excitement on the small screen as she does on the big one. A regular at the gym, she has trained with fitness expert Tadeo Arnold while preparing for the role. Using his signature “Cuerpaso” moves, Arnold combines his skills as a professional soccer player with traditional Brazilian dance moves. Just back from overseas, Arnold offered some helpful tips that may help you get into shape and enjoy a scandal-worthy body for summer.

The tummy area is often a problem for most women. If you want to look a bit slimmer in your dresses, skirts, jeans or swimsuit, Arnold shared some of the secrets that offer his clients good results. Follow these three tips, and remember: less is more.

Drink more water and consume less sugar. The idea is to drink away the belly, not put it on. Start your fat-burning process with a simple, natural water cleanse. Avoid chemical sweeteners and artificial sugars that accumulate in the belly air. Aim for drinking at least a gallon of water a day.

Do more squatting and less sitting. Work your big muscles to speed up your metabolism. This will help you shed layers of excess fat. While watching TV, you can do light exercises during commercial breaks. This is a great time for three-minute squat sessions. A total of 20 minutes of squatting a day will make a big difference.

Consume more complex carbohydrates and fewer simple carbs. For those “fiber-licious” calories, opt for brown rice and whole wheat products. If eaten in moderation, these food choices will lead to weight loss, not weight gain.

Develop portion control with proper food choices.