Timeless, feminine looks for Fall with Korean clothes line Choonmoo (39776)
Timeless, feminine looks for Fall with Korean clothes line Choonmoo (39775)
Timeless, feminine looks for Fall with Korean clothes line Choonmoo (39774)

For fall, some fashions offer an East-to-West style. Korean designer Choonmoo Park created conservative yet edgy and wearable clothes for her presentation at Lincoln Center.

Having been in the fashion business since 1988, she had a huge hit with her first label, Demoo. At the forefront of Korean avant-garde, she launched her second label, Parkchoonmoo, during the same year. Her looks are simply styled with feminine details. This collection was extremely well-received and her clothes now are in high demand.

Park attended Hongik University, where she majored in industrial design. She studied fashion design at the Kookje Fashion School, and her industrial design roots are evident in her fashion designs. Underlying her cutting-edge creations is an artistic sensibility. Her knack to create garments with a superb fit was derived from her haute couture roots. With this collection, she was inspired by her years of travel. She presented a fine ready-to-wear collection.

Park’s pieces favor the striking impact of monotones such as black and white. Her clothes are punctuated by counterpoints of color and layering to create new combinations that have become a signature of the Parkchoonmoo aesthetic. Her garments are modern and architecturally shaped yet extremely fluid.

As a seasoned designer, she has won numerous accolades, like presidential awards; most recently, she was voted one of the most influential designers of 2010. In a time when designers are cautious about expansion, Park confidently moves her designs forward. Her launch in the U.S. in Concept Korea, an extremely well-coordinated display of designers and their works, was very successful. At another venue at the New York Public Library, her fashion presentation and installation was sponsored by the Korean government with the CDFA. She currently resides in Seoul, Korea, and New York.