When Jesus referred to God as “Our Father” in the Lord’s Prayer, he was not referring to the masculinity of God, but to His spirit. As you remember, Christ related that God must be worshipped in spirit and in truth. In the Semetic culture, of which Christ was a member, the word “father” was used to designate authority and reverence.

As Dr. Donald Spoto related in his book “The Hidden Jesus,” “It was not masculinity that was at stake, but an intimate, living bond between creator and created.” He further stated the importance of letting God be God.

I loved my father. In his presence, I always felt secure. Nothing could bother me. He was a strong and loving man who provided for his family and always brought home the bacon. I was fortunate to have my father be present when I graduated from medical school. He was a proud dad.

I am sure that you also are proud of your father and love him. What gift can you give your father on Father’s Day? No, it’s not a tie, shirt, socks, underwear or one of those imitation watches that you bought on 42nd Street for $5. The best gift you can give him is a card that suggests that he should have a yearly physical examination and have his prostate gland checked out. It is a very simple blood test to check the PSA (prosthetic specific antigen), along with a rectal examination to ensure that the prostate gland is normal. This simple exam may ensure that you and your father may enjoy many more Father’s Days together.

Just remember: When you go to church on Father’s Day and sing that song, “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,” as you sing, “Let angels prostrate fall, bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him lord of all,” I want you to understand that angels do not have a prostate gland. The word “prostrate” referred to in that song means to kneel down with your hands stretched out in a prayer position. But when you refer to that gland at the base of your bladder, it is the prostate gland.

Remember, it’s prostate for Him and prostrate for hymn. When Jackie “Moms” Mabley really helped to define the difference between the words “him” and “hymn,” she told the following story.

One Sunday when she was in church and the collection plate was passed to her, she took a $100 bill and waved it in the air so that the preacher could plainly see her generosity. At the end of the service, the preacher said, “I saw that benevolent woman drop that C note in the plate, and for that generous donation, she can have any hymn that she desires.” Mabley looked around at all of the deacons and other males present. She said, “I would like him and him and especially you!”

I will close by saying don’t get your prostate hims mixed up with your prostrate hymns!