It’s about this time every year that the John Hunter Bob Douglas Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have just not achieved, but who have given of themselves to make this cycle of life a meaningful journey before it’s time to move over and make room for those who are yet to come. It is the span of life, and nowhere has this been felt more than right here in our own little world that Twenty left us.

Everywhere I walk in these streets, I think of Twenty, a giant of a man who asked for nothing from anyone, but gave so much of himself too so many. It rubbed off on Eddie, then Lorraine. Like Twenty, they asked for nothing but gave so much. We celebrate their lives as we continue to enjoy our own. They left us so much. Just think about this celebration of 40 years. Twenty, Eddie and Lorraine. Look what they left us.

Every time I see Carl, it’s like I almost want to cry. He is such a warm and caring individual. And then I think, “Why not? Look whose footsteps he walked in.” We have recognized an awful lot of individuals over the past 40 years. And when you think about it, almost all of them have a little piece of Twenty, Eddie and Lorraine clinging somewhere to their bodies.

We award these John Hunter individuals with trophies and plaques, but the most important thing we can do is let them think for a moment what this all means to us. What it all means to me. What it all means to you.