“Dark Girls,” a documentary directed and produced by D. Channsin Berry and Bill Duke, is scheduled to premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network on June 23.

The documentary aims to highlight the separate lives dark-skinned Black women lead through interviews with these everyday women.

“When Bill called me with the idea of a documentary about dark-skinned women, I was in right away,” Berry stated on the “Dark Girls” official website. “Being a dark-skinned Black man, like Bill, I have gone through similar traumas. Being separated and discriminated against by our own people. It stifles your self-esteem.”

Berry also announced his other two forthcoming documentaries via his Web site, which follow the same theme as “Dark Girls.”

“The Black Line: A Profile of the African-American Woman Part 3,” is the third installment of his documentary series on the mindset and voice of African American women. The documentary was released in January. “The Church House: Sexuality and the Black Church” delves into the history of sex and the Black Church.

“No one wants to talk about SEX, and the debacle involving Eddie Long was the tipping point on the subject for me,” Berry said in a statement. “This is not a witch hunt, but it is a progressive history lesson of the Black Church in America.”

The documentary premieres in 2014.