After becoming the first runner-up on the TV series “America’s Next top Model,” Melrose Bickerstaff knew that fashion was the industry for her. So she pursued her passion for fashion and continued modeling for another five years, literally traveling around the world. During those years, she formulated and compiled her own fashion designs in journals. With this new collection for Paradisiac, her dreams have come true, and her drawings have come to life.

Knowing what it’s like to be a woman on the move, she enjoyed putting the looks together for her collection. It was easy to transform her fashion ideas for her customers. While you’re traveling around this summer and going from the beach to the boat and the boardwalk, you want clothes that are easy to pack. You want clothes that keep you looking fashion-forward. It’s a season for mixing prints and colors. At Paradisiac, her premier collection of must-haves for summer includes swimsuits and sportswear pieces. For folks who are “addicted to paradise,” these pieces are soft and pretty.

Paradisiac asks, “Wouldn’t you like to be in paradise?” Paradisiac’s premier line emerges as “Mermaid Teleportation.” The looks are comprised of one- and two-piece swimwear hits, sportswear (skirts, tops, shorts, pants) pieces, oceanic jewelry, exotic skin handbags and python shoes. Most folks would indeed prefer to be in paradise.

Bickerstaff grew up in Orchard Lake, Mich. As a child, she spent all of her summers dreaming about growing a fin and being a mermaid. She loved to swim all day. In college, she won awards for her designs while studying at the Institute of San Francisco. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in fine arts and fashion design, Bickerstaff worked as a designer in the fashion industry for a year before she appeared and finished as a first runner-up on “America’s Next Top Model.” The show put her in the spotlight and had an impact on her design concepts in the creation of Paradisiac.

With many miles traveled and many hours spent, she has long waited for the time when she could teleport herself. Her clothes are simply beautiful. Her reversible swimsuit is the best, giving you two suits in one.

For the Paradisiac customers who find themselves in multiple destinations swimming and sunbathing year-round, these pieces are exotic. All of the pieces in this collection are named after a different paradise to inspire lifestyle and travel. Paradisiac wants its customers to enjoy the fantasy of traveling to great places and far-away destinations. The exciting quest for your paradise begins.