Katina Parker is launching a documentary series to highlight the Black LGBT community. The filmmaker, activist and professor named the series “Truth. Be. Told.”

Each 30-minute episode will feature a Black visionary from the LGBT community. Fifty Black people in the LGBT community have already agreed to be interviewed for the first two seasons of the series. Among those people are Staceyann Chin, a renowned poet and Tony Award-winning playwright, Linda Villarosa, a former New York Times and Essence Magazine editor, and Justin Robinson, a Grammy Award-winning musician.

Parker will direct the series while Carl Ann and Jennifer MacArthur will be executive producers. She started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $4,000 for the project.

The project’s manifesto on the campaign site says, “Truth. Be. Told. tells stories of transcendence and triumph by positioning the cultivation of personal identity and transformation as a mark of innovation.”

Although the series is still in the developmental stage, Parker hopes to complete 122 episodes with 122 different visionaries, according to Clutch Magazine.

The Indiegogo campaign will use the money to produce the pilot episode of the series, which will also secure the series’ network distribution among other things. Online donations end Monday, June 17 at 11:59 p.m.

“I did this work to create safety for my community. I also did this work to create safety for myself,” Parker said on the campaign site. “We have only scratched the surface when it comes to visibility for Black LGBT people.”