'Love Changes'--a great summer read (36292)

It’s not a new story, but “Love Changes” by Eartha Watts-Hicks puts some young women’s lives in perspective. It’s extremely well-written.

Reading about the reality of what’s really happening in many young women’s lives is enlightening. Perhaps this novel can change a young woman’s path and allow her to see what a difference an education can make. Young men and women who put the cart before the horse (e.g., having a child out of wedlock before finishing school and having a career) in the hopes of marrying another one day may see the situation differently once they read how “love changes.”

Watts-Hicks was nominated by the NYCHA branch of the NAACP for the READ Award for literacy on a recent Thursday at the Magic Johnson Theatre. “Love Changes,” published by Earthatone Books in association with the Harlem Writers Guild, is Watts-Hicks’ first novel. It’s great to have this author write about this subject.

“Love Changes” is about what it takes for a 26-year-old single mom to grow up and work through the rudiments of love. Watts-Hicks gets right to the point with this story. She also provides original poetry, some song lyrics from the pop music charts of the ’80s and ’90s and prose in the narrative of the book’s leading lady, Mia Love. Mia’s life with her 3-month-old son and his father, Spider, was a page-turning twister that involved Mia’s best friend Romell, spinning an interesting love triangle. The book is filled with flirtation; it’s interesting to check out these two men vying for this young lady’s attention. Hopefully, young women, older women and even young men will read “Love Changes” and enjoy some of the lessons.

Watts-Hicks is the former director for Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association, as well as a member of Project Enterprises, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and the Harlem Writers Guild. “Love Changes” is a must-read.

For more info, visit www.earthatone.com/Love-Changes.