Queens native, entrepreneur and author Temeko Richardson donated $20,000 to the Rosedale Jets Football Association to send kids to Baltimore, Maryland to participate in the Ray’s Summer Days weekend. This weekend long event is hosted by two-time super bowel champion Ray Lewis. The event helps develop kids skills in football by getting them out of the city and allowing them to train with some of the best.

Richardson’s ties to the Queens community are what inspired her decision to donate money. She understands first hand how important it is for children to have constructive activities in order to keep them off the streets when school is out. She also understands the limited funds had by many children of the city.

In addition to her philanthropy Richardson is a business expert specializing in technology and business strategy for C-level executives, small businesses, athletes, and entertainers.

On Saturday June 15th, members of the Rosedale Jets Football Association attended the Summer Days Youth Fitness Clinic. The event was hosted by Richardson and Lewis along with Baltimore Ravens Brandon Copeland and retired Washington Redskins baller Tre Johnson. The event and its activities promoted wellness, fitness and movement.

13 lucky kids were also awarded with laptops, Ipads and other technical gifts and prizes. The children were awarded because they excelled in Ray’s Kid of Character program. The prizes were donated by Richardson’s company, the RLC Group. They were donated because Richardson understands the importance of technology during this hi-tech age and how important equipment like computers are in schools.

When discussing his feelings and motivations about the events and the children she donated to Richardson said, “it was very fitting for me to sponsor the youth that are part of the Rosedale Jets Football Association and the Ray Lewis Kids of Character in hopes they will learn that their circumstance does not have to dictate their future.” She went on to say, “I believe that they can be leaders of the future and hopefully this experience helped them believe this too.”

After this eventful weekend Richardson also sent 11 kids to Miami to attend Ray Lewis Defensive Football Camp. The kids got the chance to interact with Lewis who encouraged them to be leaders both on and off the field. Richardson is vey excited to see what these kids will accomplish next.