See.Me, a social networking sight of over 6000,000 people tailored for

artists, is introducing a Tip Jar Feature to the world of social media.

“It’s like a thumbs-up. But there are a lot of thumbs-up on the Web,” said See.Me CEO William Etundi Jr the ceo and founder of “What we want to do is make it more meaningful.” The new Tip Jar feature is similar to a “Like” or a “follow” on twitter or facebook but differs in the sense
that you can now support or tip the artist by sending them money.
“While some artists are likely to become stand-out income earners, we
are just as excited about the potential of a wide array of artists to
be recognized with contributions of all sizes. Our goal is to create
a social connection that is more meaningful than a ‘like’ or a

See.Me is a vast libarary of online portfolios featuring diffrent
artist of all kinds across the internet. However does not focus
itself on being a market place it is instead a place where artist are
able to gallery their works and view the other spectuacular work being
created. Until April of this year the users of See.Me could not enjoy
being able to donate to their favorite artist. There are three ranges
set by the artist the minimum $1 dollar the maximum $500 dollars.

See.Me plans to charge transactions fees when customers buy credits
off the webiste and by charging the artist when they attempt to cash
the credits recived through donations.

Etundi requires that artist must spend a few dollars themselves
before they are made eligible to accept tips from other artist in an
attempt to create a rich social economy.

See.Me is currently backed by 2.25 million in funding from the likes
of OATV and Founder Collective

See.Me has members from over 180 countries across the globe and
includes renowned artist such as Questlove and Reggie Watts and yet
these artist are able to communicate with one another without languge

Along with the funding tool has introduced some artist are
working with the SCOPE Art at Moynihan Station in Manhattan to
produce real live shows with their art along with other oppertunities
to advertise themselves in the phycical world.