An African-American-owned mobile technology company based in Phoenix, Ariz., announced on May 1 the launch of its events-centric website and companion iOS app.

MyClickUrban (MCU) is available in 11 cities, and the app and website are designed for trendsetters, families and people who are seeking to enhance their social activities and their urban lifestyle. It is convenient for people on the go who want to know about the go-to destinations in their cities.

“There are a lot of events that happen in our various communities that people would want to engage in but just simply aren’t aware of,” said Lasana O. Hotep, co-founder of MyClickUrban. “We were experiencing this in our own community, where we would find out the day of or after about certain events. We thought there should be a place where people of our various communities can find this and not have to shift through calendars and other online sources. There should be a central location.”

Hotep added that the website and app are also for people who travel a lot and people who are looking for educational and family events. “How about having a place where you can plan out your itinerary? You can open up the app or go to the website to see which events are happening in your city.

“A lot of the events-based sites were about partying, clubs, the night life,” said Hotep. “That’s fine; we have that on our website as well. But there are not too many sites where you will find events that are educationally based and had family fun-places where there is going to be somewhere you can take your children or nieces and nephews. We wanted to add that division to our experience.”

Users are able to find and post events for free via the website and the app, which is available on Apple devices. The MCU listing includes events you can attend with a date, family members, friends, colleagues and children. Categories range from nightlife, live performance and family fun to culture, fashion and more.

Co-founder Alonzo “AJ” Jones stated that in creating the website, they wanted to make it a “national

platform that represents not only the urban community, but people who are shaped and influenced by urban activities, events and style.”

“This is not exclusively for African-Americans, but certainly, they are at the core of this, particularly young African-American youths who set trends that shape a lot of various industries,” said Jones.

“We wanted to launch this because we wanted to reflect not only visually, but in the categories the complexity, debt, variation and the dynamic that is sort of an African-American folk, acknowledging at times that we are social, want to do things with our families, as a couple, catch the arts, a Broadway play or even the opera,” he added.

Jones also said that people can exchange ideas and network around shared values and interests at the events they discover via MyClickUrban, as well as via their Facebook, Twitter and MCU Media pages. “At our core, we’re about using urban events as a source of engagement and empowerment for our communities.”

James Lewis, co-founder and designer of the site, stated in a press release that people are very happy with the visuals. “My goals were to create an aesthetically pleasing experience for our users and to make sure that the aesthetics reflect the communities we’re targeting. All the feedback says mission accomplished.”

Jones added that very few websites have a mobile app. They are then either very specific and are not nationally based. “We wanted to bring quality to the site while keeping it clean and simple,” he said. “We spend a lot of time with James coming up with designs for the webpage and application because we wanted something that focused on our message.”

MCU was released quietly in December 2012, and the first four months were dedicated to listening to feedback and enhancing the user experience. MCU is available now for all iOS devices. An Android app is expected to be released later this year. MCU plans to expand to the San Francisco Bay Area and New Orleans in the near future. They also want to broaden their horizon in expanding to the Carolinas and Indianapolis and internationally to Toronto and London.

“New York is one of our major cities because it has so many activities and so many different things going on, such as plays, workshops and cultural events,” said Jones. “We make sure we cover a variety of events there and are really dedicated in raising the awareness of what’s going on across the boroughs.”