On June 24, the board of trustees of the City University of New York appointed Dr. Rudolph F. Crew as the new president of Medgar Evers College. Crew served as New York City schools chancellor under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani from 1996 to 2000. Prior to his appointment, Crew also served as the superintendent of Miami-Dade County public schools.

In a joint statement, Chancellor Mathew Goldstein and Board Chairman Benno Schmidt said, “We are confident that, with his leadership, Medgar Evers College will achieve new levels of excellence for its dedicated students and faculty and strengthen its role with the community. The college was established in 1970 to honor the memory and ideals of the slain civil rights martyr, and it is highly appropriate that it will be uplifted by a leader who is deeply committed to academic quality, equal access and student success.” William Pollard, the current president of the college, resigned in January 2013.