According to the new “2013 Kids Count Data Book” by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, children were severely impacted by the negative effects of the recession between 2005-2011. In 2011, 16.4 million children were living in poverty. In the same year, over 29 million children lived in households that spent 30 percent of their income on housing, according to the report.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation also compiled data on multiracial children for the first time in the data book’s 24-year history.

The foundation found multiracial children “fared better than or as well as the overall population.” However, 42 percent of multiracial children found themselves in single parent families and 37 percent have parents without full-time, year-round employment, according to the report. “The 2013 Kids Count Data Book,” released June 24, compiles data on the educational and economic status and health of children and the community.