For My Sweet has restarted the “Jazzy Monday” sessions with a bang! Every Monday, new, fantastic and specially selected bands are featured for two live sets.

Since the May 22 transition of Baba Jitu Weusi–the educational activist and co-visionary of For My Sweet’s “Jazzy Mondays”–the momentum to support and promote art and music in our community as a tribute to Weusi legacy has taken on a life of its own. The vibe at For My Sweet is hotter than ever! It’s becoming an underground Brooklyn musical mecca for artist of all types.

On Monday, June 17, musicians packed the house in celebration of Jeff King and George Gray’s birthdays. The Jeff King Band featured King on tenor sax, Steve Kroon on percussion, Duane Eubanks on trumpet, Yoichi Uzeki on piano, Bryce Sebastian on bass and George Gray on drums.

“I am so glad that ‘Jazzy Mondays’ is back and going strong! This is what Jitu wanted,” said one of the event’s faithful supporters. “This is incredible!”

“The amount of big talent in this room tonight, it’s got to be documented as an historic moment,” said Stanley Banks, who motivated the capturing of this musical celebration in time.