2014 Resort designs by Sinesia Karol (25527)

At the SWIM 2014 resort shows in Miami, the looks are sleek, sexy and sharp! “Strong vibrant, colors bring my swim collections to life,” explained Sinesia Karol, who launched her collection last Saturday at the SLS Hotel in South Beach. Her looks translate the soul of her clients so well. Overall, her swim line is pretty with shapes that exhibit the vibrant sexiness of Brazil.

For her 2014 Resort collection, the designer was inspired by three sources: the natural beauty, biodiversity and birds of Brazil. “Out of 1,800 species of birds that live in the country, more than 230 are found in Vitória, Brazil, giving us one of the largest, most beautiful and most valuable bird populations in the world,” affirmed the designer. Birds that influenced her designs include the parakeet, the hummingbird and the canary. They are considered the most inspiring of Brazilian birds and consequently, the most acclaimed and familiar.

On the runway, 75 designs flow to top dance music sounds. Colors are bright. A palette of shades grew from the tones of the birds’ plumage. Breathing life into the collection are colors like turquoise, coral, canary yellow, green and orange. There are many original prints in airy textiles. Featured forms include bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, kaftans, jumpsuits and beach wraps. Fabrics incorporate the lightest silks for warm climate attire and the softest fabrics in beachwear. All the pieces in her collection are named after friends and important women in the designer’s life. In addition to using the finest fabrics, Karol is known for her precision in the fit and cut of the swimwear. The quality of the collection was confirmed when the luxurious department store Berdorf Goodman signed on in 2012.

A Boston resident, designer Karol made her fashion design debut in 2012, when she launched her first swim and beachwear collection. This line was inspired by rare orchids. She has always worked with bright colors and light, silky fabrics. For her second collection, Sinesta teamed up with Vitória artist Ana Paula Castro. When the collection came to life on the runway, Karol and Castro proved that their collaboration between art and design surpassed their dreams.