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It’s true, food brings people to together. A holiday, a birthday or just a weekly dinner at a table together can be transformative, and mostly without any verbal cues. Just the shared experience of enjoying that annual glazed ham or mom’s fried chicken says, “Thanks for coming,” and “It’s great to see you.”

As a food blogger, sometimes these transformative food moments happen when I’m alone in some dive eatery with bomb bao or at a festival with some delicious truffle pizza. I ask, if a food blogger has a great find alone, does anybody else know? Most of the time, hell yes! That is our job, but sometimes it can be a lonely experience. Enter my food bloggers Meet Up (@meetup) group.

There are a couple of Meet Up groups I joined, but as I would soon find out on one hot, busy and fun night, my food bloggers know how to get down! The group was invited by Course Horse (@coursehorse), connecting people with their passions, to partake in a cupcake-making class at Butterlane Bakery (@butterlane, 123 E. 7th St., 212-677-2880, in the East Village. I was in!

En route, I realized how destined taking this class at Butterlane was, as Seventh Street houses some of my favorite eats like Porchetta (@porchettanyc) and Caracas (@caracasarepabar). I arrived just in time to grab a glass of Prosecco and an apron before our instructor gave us our first directive.

On the blackboard were recipes for Butterlane’s vanilla, chocolate and banana cupcakes with a prep table stationed in front of each. We were directed to choose our station. No brainer! I was banana bound with our mistress of ceremonies, @totalnoms, and two other awesome bloggers.

Before my head got caught up in a sugar rush and I forgot why I was at this baking class, I made sure to pull out the iPhone for tweeting and Instagramming and the camera for pics and video. When I arose from under the prep table where our bags were, my food heart skipped a beat as my fellow bloggers all did the same—and an eye-roll was nowhere to be seen. I was home!

Class proceeded seamlessly—the Prosecco was doing its work—as we each took turns measuring and adding ingredients, cracking eggs and filling lined cupcake pans with our delicious batter while talking and taking pictures. While they baked, we whipped up basic frostings–chocolate, vanilla and our table’s cream cheese–and then permuted them into six, making peanut butter, chocolate, raspberry vanilla and cinnamon cream cheese.

It smelled like heaven in there. After the cupcakes cooled, our next lesson was on how to frost these morsels the Butterlane way. First, you smooth out the frosting against the side of the bowl and scoop up a tablespoon-sized amount. Then, it’s all about the “tap, tap, turn” method, a quick flick of the offset spatula from 4 to 8 o’clock, et voilà! Yes, there is

a method to the madness.

Once the lessons were done, we were armed with a box, a dozen cupcakes and a spatula to mix-and-match frostings and “tap, tap, turn” our butts off. I mixed them all, but the favorites were banana with cream cheese frosting and one with peanut butter chocolate frosting. The latter just needed some crumbled bacon on top and Elvis would have been in the building!

Thank you to Course Horse and Butterlane for the invitation and experience. To my food family, thanks for making the night fun-filled. See you in Indian food class and pizza making class soon.

Check out more photos and video of our cupcake class on my blog. Tap, tap, turn!

Enjoy, get eating and thanks for reading!

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