Jade Coachman (25531)
Credit: Bill Moore photos

Trey Whitfield wore No. 34 on his basketball jersey. He was a young man who loved the game.

We recalled the last time we saw him. He and his pal Kenny Anderson were playing in a summer league tournament at the Colonel Young Park on 145th Street in Harlem. He was wearing goggles to protect his eyes. We watched the game as he and Anderson spurted out to a big lead and eventually won the game.

He and Anderson stopped on the sidewalk to buy a icey cup. A trail of schools had been recruiting him as the top player on the Brewster Academy team. A scholarship awaited him. But on a sunny day, at 18 years old,Whitfield lost his life in a boating accident.

In his memory, his parents, A.B. Whitfield and Janie Whitney, founded the Trey Whitfield Foundation, which, over the past 21 years, has assisted hundreds of student achievers.