Hundreds of area residents rallied at a peaceful protest at one of the Brick City’s busiest intersections on Monday afternoon following the weekend acquittal of vigilante George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Throngs of people jammed the intersection of Broad and Market streets in the heart of Newark, chanting the familiar mantra of “No Justice, No Peace!” As temperatures hovered near the 100-degree mark, some protestors carried signs emblazoned with messages of frustration and hopelessness following the verdict. Some placards read, “Justice for Trayvon!” while a few protestors shouted, “Put Zimmerman in jail!”

Dozens of police officers and other law enforcement officials lined the sidewalks and monitored the rally, which blocked traffic and caused more congestion throughout the busy downtown area. One protestor told a local television station that she is sick and tired of seeing Black men “shot down for no good reason!”

Anne Mayo, another protestor and a resident of neighboring Irvington, shouted, “Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated!”

The march in Newark was organized by the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition and the People’s Organization for Progress—two grassroots organizations based in the city. A similar community rally for justice was held Tuesday evening in Jersey City.