The Brooklyn-based church Coney Island Gospel Assembly recently held a gun buyback program in an attempt to reduce gun violence within the borough. According to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’ website, “The success of this program goes a long way toward reducing violent crime in Brooklyn. Each gun that is taken off the streets could lead to one less robbery … To overcome the fact that some people are intimidated when it comes to turning guns in to a police precinct, we got the churches and clergy involved.”

The point of the program is to take illegal working guns off the streets by offering a $200 bank card for every working gun turned in to NYPD. Since 2008, the buyback program has taken more than 2,000 handguns off the streets of New York City.

Hynes told NY1, “The answer to the question that’s always asked, do criminals really return their guns? Well, probably not. But criminals will break into your homes, they’ll break into your car, they’ll take your gun, and that gun ends up on the street hurting children and other civilians and cops.”

Police say about 22 revolvers, 22 semi-automatics, 12 rifles, one assault rifle, seven BB guns and an Archangel .22-caliber shotgun have been turned in.

The NYPD website states anyone can turn in guns at any precinct with no identification required. Guns must be placed in a box and wrapped securely in plastic. If you’re transporting the gun by car, place the gun in the trunk. Weapons that do not work will be taken under the Cash for Guns program, but they will not qualify for the cash payment. Advocates of the program said there will be more New York City gun buybacks. An individual may surrender more than three weapons, but cash reimbursement will only be made for a maximum of three weapons.

The Brooklyn gun buyback program is organized by Hynes and the NYPD.