Vanessa Jean Simmons introduced Rose by Vanessa Jean at Mercedes-Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami. Having appeared on two MTV shows, “Run’s House” and “Daddy’s Girls,” and received a degree in communications from St. John’s University, Simmons has already accomplished a great deal personally and professionally. With her sister Angela, she is the co-founder of Pastry, a clothing, sneaker, handbag and accessory line. Simmons is also the founder and CEO of Rose by Vanessa Jean. Her lingerie models posed with an ultra-sophisticated style at the Miami shows.

“A rose is reminiscent of a woman. She is very beautiful to look at yet. Like a rose that has thorns, [women have] flaws and imperfections that make our stories—which make us imperfectly perfect,” said Simmons.

As a business woman and designer, Simmons understands the dynamic of strategic placement and hard work. She is passionate about her career. Being the daughter of Rev. Run and niece of business mogul Russell Simmons and fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons provides her with certain advantages and connections. As a TV personality, she has unlimited access to millions of fans globally.

“An intimate lingerie garment that’s as visible and personal as swimwear should reflect who we are as individuals,” explained Simmons. “I understand that every woman is different and has a different shape. I want to celebrate a woman’s individuality and shape as I celebrate my line, Rose by Vanessa Jean.”

For this project, Simmons has joined forces with multimillionaire fashion mogul and “Shark Tank” star Daymond John. John and Simmons have known each other for quite some time and even attended the Miss America Pageant together in early 2012. It’s their dynamic alliance and fashion-forward partnership that has given birth to Rose by Vanessa Jean.

Simmons recognizes that every woman is different and special. It is the mission of Rose by Vanessa Jean to provide women with a fashion-forward brand that understands the need of every woman to be comfortable, stylish and glamourous. Rose by Vanessa Jean offers signature fabrics of superior quality with cutting-edge designs. The collection includes bejeweled swimwear and lingerie with diamond and jewel accents. Designed for women of all sizes, these soft pieces are great for special occasions. While wearing Rose’s feminine fashions, you will enjoy a unique experience that only a clothing item as visible as swimwear and as intimate as lingerie

can provide.

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