Daniel Maree, founder of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice (27644)

Daniel Maree, founder of the Million Hoodie Movement for Justice, won the grand prize of $100,000 from DoSomething.org for his efforts in social activism.

The Million Hoodie Movement for Justice aims to change the amount of violence young people, namely those of color, experience in the United States.

“We work to elevate the profile of victims and families who have lost loved ones as a result of racial profiling and senseless gun violence through social media, creative technology, performance art, and multimedia,” the site reads.

The award show aired on VH1 on July 31, where Maree was a finalist among four others, who all received a $10,000 grant from DoSomething.org. Being the grand prize winner, he’s the only one to receive the additional $100,000.

“This is for Trayvon Martin. This is for Oscar Grant,” Maree said with confetti strewn across his clothes. “This is for all the million hoodies across the United States. Thank you so much.”

Before winning the grand prize, Maree told Yahoo News he planned to use the money to double the organization’s membership to 100,000 to start a boot camp for 5,000 kids.