On Monday, August 12 the stand up comedy television series “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” made its way to Harlem. The series star, socio–political comedian, and community activist Walter Kamau Bell (also known as W. Kamau Bell) asked people of all ages and ethnicity’s to share their feelings on the word “cracker”.

The show’s executive producers, Chris Rock, Chuck Skylar, and Keri Smith Esguia, designed the series to push buttons and bring humor to issues of sex, race, class, and politics.

According to Bell, the inspiration for such a racy topic came from billionaire businessman Donald Trump. During an episode of “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News channel, Trump was stumped that an African-American democrat can say “cracker” , but whites can’t use the “N” word without making a scandal.

In an interview with the Daily Beast U.S Representative Charlie Rangel called members of the tea party “White crackers”. Rangel explained that republicans are afraid of growing diversity in the United States.

“If Charlie or whoever it was, was a Republican and they made that statement, they’d be resigning from office right now,” Trump opined

According to the news organization BlackAmericaWeb.com, Trump, said “If Rangel can say “cracker” Deen can say N—-r”. Despite, the equal power trump sheds on the word “Cracker”, historically “cracker” refers to the cracking of the whip by poor white farmers to manage slaves.

“The word n—-r has a history of violence behind it, the word “cracker” does not.” said Bell

Already in it’s third season “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” will air on FX this fall on September 4, 2013.