Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith? When it’s all said and done this season, it may not matter who’s under center for the Jets.

Think about this: The Jets’ running back situation is a mess, with Chris Ivory hurt and Mike Goodson still missing in action. The Jets aren’t much better with their wide receiver situation, because Santonio Holmes is still on the mend. There’s Jeremy Kerley and Braylon Edwards, but it’s hard to imagine that the Jets will be able to generate much downfield yardage with only those two as the threats. Stephen Hill? Well, the second-year pro struggled to catch the ball last season. He made a critical drop late in the fourth quarter of the Jets’ loss to the Patriots in Foxborough, MA, last season.

Can he rebound and improve? There’s always that possibility, but wide receivers can be so hit-or-miss that Hill will continue to be a question mark until he proves that he’s legit. The Jets appear to be set in terms of their tight end with Kellen Winslow and Jeff Cumberland. That won’t be enough to scare teams, though. Sanchez and Smith need downfield threats to keep defenses honest.

The offensive line is a different story. That is one facet of the game that might actually be effective. The Jets added Bronx native Willie Colon at guard and drafted three offensive linemen, including Kent State guard Brian Winters, in the third round. The Jets’ struggles during the last two seasons have been dumped on Sanchez’s shoulders.

Truth be told, the offensive line is just as culpable. The running game has declined each of the last two years. And it’s no coincidence that Sanchez’s game has also slipped. This doesn’t mean Sanchez is blameless. He’s clearly been a big problem for the Jets. But he was effective when the Jets could run the ball. The decision of whether to begin the season with Sanchez or Smith as the starter could be moot if the Jets can’t surround them with adequate talent.