Two District Council 37 members, who are summer lifeguards, are being honored by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation for saving the life of a beachgoer at Brighton Beach.

The lifeguards, Brianna Minogue and Inez Zuska, are members of NYC Lifeguards Local 461 of DC 37. Zuska has worked nine seasons as a lifeguard and Minogue is working her second season this year.

On July 19, the lifeguards came to the aid of Dimitry Zhalkevich, who nearly drowned after collapsing in five feet of water. Trained in beach rescue and CPR, the lifeguards came to his aid and began efforts to resuscitate him while awaiting the arrival of EMS, which transported him to the hospital.

Upon release from the hospital after recovering from his ordeal, Zhalkevich returned to Brighton Beach with two bouquets of flowers – one for each lifeguard – to express his gratitude to them.

“The professional action by these lifeguards shows the importance of their personal initiative coupled with the good training they receive, which gave them the tools and the confidence to act quickly in an emergency situation,” said Franklyn Paige, president of NYC Lifeguard Local 461. “The number of lifeguards on duty at New York City’s public beaches and pools is at an all-time high. This means greater safety for beachgoers and swimmers when emergencies like this arise.”