Amid already-popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, three bold creatives from Los Angeles dare to carve out a digital space all their own and join the competitive collective.

On Wednesday, Aug. 21 at Alley, New York City’s co-working space for tech-y entrepreneurs, Daron Destiny, Todd Jones and C. Vincent Plummer hosted an eccentric party to celebrate the launch of Bedloo, a mobile application that allows users to engage their friends and followers by asking either/or questions and receiving instant responses. The fete took place in Midtown Manhattan and attendees, who comprised the upper crust of the city’s social media mavens, were encouraged to explore and download the Bedloo app.

“We’re essentially doing something that’s never been done before,” said Jones, who met Destiny, Bedloo’s chief brand officer, through their work in the entertainment industry. “The idea came to Daron in a dream, complete with the name of the company and the spelling.”

Though largely a unique endeavor, Bedloo contains some of the image-based components of Instagram in that users can upload original photos or videos or media taken from the Internet. Unlike Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook earlier this year for $1 billion, Bedloo allows users users to upload two images, videos or audio files at a time and pose a question to those following them, asking them to choose between the two. Jones said that the social media platform can benefit individuals in search of outside opinions, as well as companies who want raw information about their customers’ preferences.

In addition to navigating the Bedloo website and application on a giant television screen, guests also had the opportunity to vote the old-fashioned way: by dropping tokens into a bag in front of their preferred choice. Some of the questions were straightforward, like that posed by the bakers at the Cupcake Bartender, who simply asked people to choose which cupcake they liked better: red velvet infused with Moscato, or vanilla topped with Hennessy buttercream. Others were curiously strange, like, “What would be the craziest song to break-dance to: ‘Do Re Mi’ or ‘Yellow Brick Road?’” In the latter case, voting results were displayed quite literally when a performer emerged from the middle of the crowd and displayed his b-boy moves to the “Sound of Music” classic.

Destiny talked about the popularity he hopes Bedloo will have with the Black community, which he knows is very active on Twitter. He gave some advice to aspiring Black entrepreneurs on how to make it in an increasingly expanding sector.

“You have to know how to do the paperwork,” said the 44-year-old. “That’s where so many of us get caught up. It’s one thing to have an idea, but you have to also know about copyrighting and getting attorneys. Otherwise, it doesn’t mean anything.”

The Bedloo app is available for free download at the iTunes App Store, and those without Apple products can still participate by visiting