The Pepe Infiniti Concert Series, sponsored by Grapes the Wine Company and D. Bertoline & Sons, is proud to present an evening with Bill Cosby at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, N.Y., on Saturday Sept. 7.

One of the most talented and prolific men in the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby has captivated generations of fans with his comedic flair, iconic albums and bestselling books such as “Fatherhood.” His contributions to every genre of entertainment have transcended age, gender, racial and cultural barriers.

Although many of his fans ascribe this 75-year-young man’s longevity in the business to the fact that he has always been a “clean comic,” Cosby offers a different explanation for his phenomenal success.

Cosby told the AmNews: “I’m hearing the word ‘clean’—’clean comedy,’ but I want to make a correction. It’s a matter of taste. It really is, because there are a lot of these clubs really and truly that will not let a person that does not use bad words on the stage.

“It’s like years back, they used to have these clubs where people would ride those electric bulls. People would sit on that thing as a form of entertainment until they were thrown off. Entertainment can be a lot of things. But I want everyone to understand that there is a rhythm that I have—and it is about telling a situation, and it’s a combination about letting the listener fill in the blanks and make pictures while they’re watching me. If I’m talking about my past and my present, you begin to see yourself in the picture.”

The audience on Sept. 7 can expect a performance by Cosby that will continue his appeal to all ages, sexes and people from every walk of life.

“I had a 28-year-old Black man who’s a concierge at a hotel in Spokane, Washington,” says Cosby. “He brought the bags up. I gave him his tip. He said, ‘Mr. Cosby, you were here four years ago. I took my father to see you. Mr. Cosby, you are funny. ‘ I told him, ‘You’re making it sound like you didn’t know I was funny.’ He said, ‘No, I didn’t. I bought the tickets for my father. When you started talking, I had one of the greatest experiences I had ever had. To be 24 years old and sit with a man who’s 60 and be able to laugh at the same thing he’s laughing at, but only in a different way … you were talking about your father and you, and my father and I were cracking up because that was us.’ That’s what people come away from my shows with.”

Perhaps Cosby’s greatest contribution to American entertainment and culture is “The Cosby Show,” a TV show that depicted a close-knit, upper middle-class Black family. “The Cosby Show’” dominated the No. 1 spot for years, earning nearly unanimous critical praise. After several decades, the show still runs in syndication on a daily basis on several networks. Cosby attributes the show’s appeal from generation to generation on the people he worked with.

Says Cosby: “Dr. Alvin F. Pouissant, Phylicia Rashad, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and all of the actors who played those parts of the family, the choices of the story, the people who went to the March on Washington for the stories they told. Cliff’s mother and father and Claire’s mother and father. It’s that identification. People would say, ‘Boy, oh boy, I love that Theo,’ or ‘What did that Theo do today?’”

An evening with Cosby promises to be as entertaining as this interview was—a night the audience will never forget.

“Tell your readers to come prepared with a big box of Kleenex,” said Cosby. “Do not wear mascara because it will run.”

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