The primaries in New York City are only a few days away. The contests for all the citywide elected positions are contentious. There is no race in which there is a clear winner, even if the polls say otherwise. This primary will set the stage for the general election in November, and as New Yorkers, it is our duty to be part of this election process and get to the polls and vote this coming Tuesday, Sept. 10.

New York is a great city. Many say, and I agree, that this is the greatest city on earth. That is why the leadership of this city is so important, and that is why we must all take our duties as citizens seriously and vote.

We have had 12 years of a billionaire mayor who cut programs with one hand and wrote checks with the other. We have had a billionaire mayor who has held the unions hostage and left them without contracts. We have had a billionaire mayor who has let our community be targets for the police just because they are Black or Hispanic. We have had a billionaire mayor who bought his last four years in office, and now, we have to reverse his ill-conceived plan for New York and rebuild it as a place we want to live, work and raise our children.

So now the challenge to us is going to the polls and voting for the candidate who will best serve our interests.

While several of the candidates have strong ideas, there are many ideas that have been floated that are just not realistic. One candidate would just be Bloomberg light. Another would not be effective partially due to his past, but mostly due to his arrogance. Another is just too far behind and actually was treated unfairly by the campaign finance board, so he was really never given a shot. The frontrunner, according to the polls, is promising tax money that he can’t deliver. So that leaves us with the candidate that we feel will best serve New York City as a whole, and that is Bill Thompson.

As this newspaper endorsed Thompson a few weeks ago, we just want to remind voters that he is the one who can make a difference in housing, education, health care and policing. He has the experience, he has the passion, and he can win. We urge voters to go to the polls on Tuesday, Sept. 10 and vote for Bill Thompson for mayor. He needs our support, and we need his leadership. We can’t afford anyone else.