Dark and Lovely was the exclusive backstage hair sponsor of the Harlem Fashion Row presentation at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall during the recent New York Fashion Week. This season’s show featured designers Deidre Jeffries, Kimberly Goldson, Kahindo Mateene and Sandro Romano.

Hair pieces are today’s best accessories. Big hair is in, as are hairstyles with extensions and ponytails. Dark and Lovely teamed up with celebrity stylist Keith Campbell to complement each designer’s individual collections with the company’s innovative hair products. The hair look was soft and natural. “As a leader in the multiethnic hair care industry, we’re honored to have the opportunity to celebrate the creative vision, craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit of these influential designers,” said Sivonne Davis, director of marketing at Dark and Lovely.

The featured hairstyles included the tease and pop; a sleek, braided ponytail; and braids with Afro texture. The products used included Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale Beyond Gentle Sulfate-free Shampoo; Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner; Au Naturale Coil Moisturizing Souffle; Au Naturale Shine Sealing Nectar; Dark and Lovely Six-Week Anti-Reversion Shampoo and Conditioning Cream; and Let’s Jam Custard Gel. These products are available at drugs stores and beauty supply stores nationwide.

In the tent, TRESemmé was one of the sponsors. They were set up on the balcony and styled everyone’s hair by appointment. It wasn’t a bad idea to get a touch-up while waiting for the next show.

What’s new for spring 2014? “Bobs are in,” reported hairstylist Jennifer Brent. Retro and older hairstyles are news. Think big curls and finger waves.

Many women have been cutting their long hair to short styles. If your hair is very long and you plan to cut it, perhaps donating your hair is worthwhile. Your hair may make a nice wig or hairpiece for a woman who is bald. “The longer you go without washing your hair helps to grow your hair,” said Brent. Drink lots of water and use moisturizer on your hair. For fullness, she teases hair a little on the top and in the back. “Wearing your hair flat or close to your head makes you look older,” she noted.

From the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center, here are five ways to avoid damaging your eyes while using eye makeup.

Your eye makeup should be replaced every three months and should not be shared with others. Always wash your hands before applying eye makeup, and never use saliva to assist in applying mascara.

Avoid eye makeup that contains such ingredients as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel, selenium and thallium. Read labels. Look for makeup that is non-toxic and more natural. These can often be found at health food stores and online.

Be aware of dry eyes. Some eye makeup can aggravate dry eyes. To help avoid dry eyes, stay well hydrated by drinking water. It’s amazing how fast it works. Add a bit of lemon juice to your water. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Use natural tear lubricant.

Repeated use of the same makeup can stimulate your body to develop allergies. Give your eyes a break by changing brands. Take vitamin C to reduce inflammation.

Be careful about loss of eyelashes. The very makeup that people use to help create longer eyelashes can actually lead to a loss of eyelashes. Be gentle with your eyes. You can keep your eyelashes long and healthy by eating a healthy diet.

“People don’t have to give up wearing eye makeup altogether, if they feel they need it,” added Dr. Edward Kondrot. “But it is important to consider the factors that can damage your eyes and then take measures to minimize those risks. Preventing eye problems should always be your first goal.” He is the author of three best-selling books, including “10 Essentials to Save Your Sight” (Advantage Media Group, July 2012), and is president of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association.