From Brooklyn Clothing Lab, fashion designer Mel Simons presents an edgy collection that’s inspired by men’s clothing in the movie “The Great Gatsby.” The look is whimsical and feminine for today’s street-smart lady. Simon’s clothes are well-constructed. You can tell he is driven by his love for fashion.

Brooklyn Clothing Lab is Simon’s creative laboratory. It’s where he produces his cutting-edge clothes. He is a masterful pattern maker, and his designs reflect the vibrancy of Brooklyn’s style. On the streets of New York City, there was always talk about how sharp the women from Brooklyn dressed. They just have another style. Simons offers an amazing sense of what’s timely. His looks show off a vision of what’s coming up! Brooklyn Clothing Lab is a fashion line with an eclectic mix of bold colors and dramatic cuts. The Simon Mel evening-wear is a sophisticated collection of stylish silhouettes, vivid hues and decadent architecture. It’s about the details and how you wear your clothes.

In the beginning, Simon apprenticed with a local tailor in his homeland of Trinidad. After high school graduation, Simon set out to learn the fundamentals of garment creation before traveling to the U.S. and enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). At FIT, he majored in pattern-making and learned how to actually structure a garment. His designs are fashion-forward.

Simon’s diligence earned him positions with reputable New York apparel firms such as Bianca Leather, Christian Kent and Carmen Marc Valvo. Simon has created patterns and fashions worn by red-carpet celebrities, including Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Joan Rivers, Lucy Liu and Kim Cattrall.

Simon opened specialty shop Attitude: The Look Shop in Brooklyn years ago. His collection consists of ready-to-wear sportswear and custom-made pieces. Another line that gained recognition was his Simon Duncan brand. He presented this collection during Fashion Week: Fall 2002 at Bryant Park. He received rave reviews.

For his latest endeavor, he reconceives the interplay of textiles, prints and shapes that led to the creation of the Brooklyn Clothing Lab. This talented designer remains focused on his unique fashion concepts, designs and production. He delivers refreshing fashions that make it easy for women to look and feel glamorous.