“I am blessed, blessed, blessed!” That’s how former athlete, actor, voiceover star and fine artist (yes, fine artist) Terry Crews opened our conversation.

I’m such a fan of sharing other peoples’ blessings that I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to convey his heartfelt gratitude for a career that just keeps getting better.

In terms of his career, it appears that Crews is a constant lottery winner. He’s the voice of Earl, the town cop in the Sony Pictures animated comedy “Cloudy With a Side of Meatballs 2” (opening Sept. 27) and a lead in the freshman comedy “The Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” starring comic Adam Samburg, who also has a role in the aforementioned Sony Animated comedy.

I’ve been a fan of Crews since he brought such tender life to Julius, aka the cheapest man on earth, in Chris Rocks’ semi-autobiographical slice of life comedy, “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Here is what the blessed fine artist had to say about his passion for painting, Rock and being the voice of a wardrobe-challenged cop.

Amsterdam News: Terry, I love “Everybody Hates Chris,” in large part because of how lovable you made the character, Julius. I mean, he gives brand-new meaning to the word “frugal.”

Terry Crews: (laughing) Isn’t that Julius something? I mean, don’t we all know a proud, hardworking family man like him? I just got goose bumps … you know that the character is based on Chris’ father and that was his name. It’s his way of honoring his father, who he credits for his success.

AmNews: Amen, T.C., now I have goose bumps! Question: If you opened your refrigerator and a “foodimal” greeted you, like one of the 39 that populate that strange world of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2,” of which you star in, your response would be?

TC: I think that actually happened in college, at least once; something escaped and ran past me into the night!

My serious answer is, I would not be pleased with encountering any “foodimal,” that includes the fighting shrimpanzees or the cheesespider, who has 23 eyes. It’s not natural, and I would not be receptive. Thankfully, it’s just a great movie “what if” question.

AmNews: Here’s another question: How did you end up the voice of the wardrobe-challenged Earl?

TC: I’m the biggest fan of the first “Cloudy” film. I went to the premiere with my family, and we ate bacon-flavored chocolates. We even still have our “Cloudy” lunch boxes. And when we left the movie, I said to my son, “I’m like Earl, and you’re like Cal,” Earl’s son. So when I got the call that they were asking me to be a part of the sequel, well, they had me at “hello.” Earl is the alpha male’s alpha male. There’s no way to go beyond the man that Earl is. Earl defines a man doin’ his job—he protects his city, and he does it better than anybody.

AmNews: This is your second project with Andy Samburg. You’re playing Sgt. Terry Jeffords in the new Fox comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” created by “Parks and Recreation” creator and “The Office” co-creator Michael Schur.

TC: I love my character, and I love this show! It’s a new type of cop comedy, and my character, a new father of twin girls (Cagney and Lacey), has retired himself to a desk job after a stressful encounter in the field with a mannequin.

AmNews: I’d say the good sergeant is a bit trigger-happy. You referred to yourself as an artist. I have a fondness for discovering new artist, and it seems that in Harlem, I just need to turn a corner, and I find someone spectacular!

TC: Harlem is art, so that doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m always inspired, energized and revitalized when I go there. An artist will work anywhere. I used to sketch in the locker rooms, and my teammates started commissioning paintings. It was very relaxing and profitable. It also beat getting roughed up at work!

AmNews: So what’s next, Renaissance man?

TC: I think I just might take a few months off, set up my canvas in an exotic location and just paint. It’s relaxing, and in a true artist stride, I’ll make that profitable too.

To learn more about all of Crews’ projects, follow him on Twitter @terrycrews or visit www.facebook.com/realterrycrews or www.fox.com/brooklyn-nine-nine.