It won’t be long before the beautiful Indian summer weather we’ve been enjoying will give way to a chill, because the smell of fall is already in the air. There’ll be one good rain, and the leaves will turn to yellow, orange and red as witches, ghosts and goblins prepare for their favorite annual run on Halloween.

The “in” thing these days seems to be hosting a kickoff party before the big party. Songtress Natalie Cole came to New York to attend one such event as the New York Conservancy hosted a kickoff party celebrating the annual “Autumn in the Park” gala, which will be held on Nov. 19. We love the Conservancy because they raise oodles of money to keep Central Park the beautiful wonder that it is for the enjoyment of all New Yorkers.

Also in attendance were Deborah Roberts, who had one foot wrapped up in a contraption and the other in a very stylish pump, and Amber Elliott.

Next, there was the kickoff party for the 2013 International Fine Arts and Antique Dealers Show, held at the Park Avenue Armory. The actual 2013 preview party will take place on Oct. 23, but there’s no better way to get the crowd revved up than to throw a party before the party, so why not?

While there was no preview party for this event, the Friends of Hudson River Park hosted a big gala just the same. Hudson River Park is just about the most happening outdoor space since Central Park. Nestled between the Hudson River and the West Side Highway from 59th Street down to Battery Park, there is more to do on this stretch of land than anywhere else in the city: You can ride your bike, Rollerblade, play miniature golf, go kayaking and so much more. You can really make a day of it, which is what over 15 million visitors did last year, according to statistics.

Portions of the park were established thanks to a law passed by former Gov. George Pataki in 1988. The uptown pier at 125th Street is also getting its share of delight. It’s amazing what a little landfill can do.

The Fall Ball benefitting the Boys Club of New York was held at the Pierre Hotel, and it was all glamour at its peak. With men in tuxes, ladies adorned in backless down-to-there gowns, a short auction, short speeches, dinner and dancing, funds were raised and a marvelous time was had by all.

As we all know, the Boys Club supports various after-school activities for both boys and girls. The organization has locations in East Harlem, Queens and the Lower East Side, and its membership is still only $5 to join. Kids love it, parents love it and I love it too.

Getting back to Central Park, in between appointments the other day, we decided to pass the time away at the Loeb Boathouse. While lazily rowing around the lake, I couldn’t help but notice this extremely tall building, which I thought was the new World Trade Center Building at first. Realizing the distance of the building was much too close and that its façade was almost complete, I had to do a little more research as to which building it was. Turns out that the building is located on West 57th Street, across from Carnegie Hall. It is a very tall and very narrow structure; I can only imagine how tiny the rooms are.

Nonetheless, it reaches up 90 stories high. Can you imagine living on the 89th floor of a building in a storm, in the dead of winter or on the hottest day of the year? Well, the only thing you can do is imagine, because recent reports reveal that the top two floors have already sold for $90 million. Additionally, over 70 percent of the apartments have been sold. No recession here. I like heights, but is it really necessary to live on the 75th floor?

Congratulations to the Headen family, who just welcomed 6-pound baby boy Kyle Ethan Headen into the world. Headen was delivered by cesarean section four weeks early (Does anyone have a baby at due date anymore?), but no worry, because mother and son are both doing fine.

For all of those still interested in the mafia, who were the culprits when a person who didn’t pay up had their legs broken or were found dead with three bullets in their head, if you’re wondering whether they even exist anymore after the demise of John Gotti, the answer is yes. Although the rules, as I understand them, have changed, as people don’t get wacked as often as they used to (saves on executions and jail time if the perpetrator gets caught), there still exists an underlying code of honor and loyalty. Gee, I wish we had some of that. Anyway, you can check it all out for yourself at

The latest in the world of gadgets and inventions are the Spartan stools, the alternatives to traditional seating. Active and dynamic, these stools lack arms and any notion of lumbar support. Instead, they move when you move, tilt when you move forward, bend when you sit back. Like good undergarments, they move when you move. The purpose behind the unconventional design is that it forces the sitter to engage core abdominal muscles by continually shifting their weight.

The stools are somewhat stylish in design and, dare I say, affordable. Renee Robinson, a former member of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater who retired last year after three decades of dancing with the company, sampled five different versions of the chair. Currently, Robinson is working on a series of children’s books, which means she will be spending a lot of time sitting as opposed to flying across the stage.

“To keep the joints supple and the circulation and lymphatic system working, the body should be in motion,” she said. Hence, these are the perfect chairs.

You will be happy to know that all of the usual suspects, including but not limited to Deloris Coombs, Billie Holliday-Hayes, Barbara Boulden, Betty Bezzell, Lennie Williams and Harriet DeLaney are all doing well; nothing too much is shaking, but all are well.

All of those who like Rihanna’s new look as featured on the cover of Glamour magazine, raise your hand and say, “Aye.” Aye.

Until next week … kisses