One of these days, all 53 men on the Jets’ active roster will get it. One day this season, they will all understand that the NFL is a week-to-week league.

Momentum? That is fools gold. The Jets were riding high after a last-second win over the Atlanta Falcons in front of a primetime audience on “Monday Night Football.” They were quickly brought back to earth in their 19-6 loss to the Steelers at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. It was a loss you could see coming from a mile away—a winless Steelers team heading to MetLife Stadium to take on a giddy Jets squad. Were

the Jets too high on themselves? Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill didn’t think so.

“Honestly, it’s really not about what happened last week.

We prepared very well, we just didn’t execute on certain plays,”said Hill.“We definitely need to clean that up.”

Apparently Hill, who caught three passes for 46 yards, gets it. The hope for the Jets coaching staff is that Hill’s demeanor and sensible postgame statements spread to the rest of the squad.

“You have to take your opportunities in every game,” Hill added. “Any time you have a good opportunity to score or to make plays, you have to take those.”

The Jets missed out on a big opportunity on Sunday, and we’re not talking about Geno Smith’s two red zone interceptions. With a win over the Steelers, the Jets (3-3) would’ve entered this Sunday’s game against New England with a 4-2 record and a chance to forge a two-way tie for first place in the AFC East. So we ask the question again, were the Jets too high on themselves? Coming off a big win with the next contest coming against a struggling team can build a false confidence.

“It really doesn’t matter if they’re winless or not,” Hill explained. “They’re going to come to play regardless.” So now we have to ask, did the Jets take a step back? Not so fast.

“It’s just a learning experience. We’re doing a great job this year with understanding each other,” Hill said. “We just have to make sure we get it every week … It’s like we’re winning, then we’re not winning, winning, then not winning.”