Curate NYC seeks to show that the arts do not only contribute to New York City’s image as a cultural trailblazer, but also to the overall economic and social development of New York’s diverse communities.

Almost 2,000 artists have submitted to the multilayered Curate NYC project. A total of approximately 100 works of art will be displayed in five New York City galleries. Additionally, curators from all over the world will select 200-300 to be featured in online galleries. The top 150 artworks will be selected for postcard reproductions that will be displayed at Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea. Curate NYC is not a themed initiative and accepts submissions in painting, photography, mixed-media, sculpture and a slew of other art forms.

However, there is a special themed show this year that artists can submit to as part of this project. It is called “NYC25: Artists Imagine New York City 25 Years in the Future,” and the artist with the top-ranked entry, as determined by a panel of judges, will receive $2,500.

Full Spectrum Experience, a nonprofit founded by art philanthropist Danny Simmons and marketing strategist Brian Tate, partnered with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and several esteemed galleries and curators to help judge and display the entries.

“The main goals of Curate NYC are to heighten exposure and career opportunities for New York City visual artists and to promote the city’s image as a cultural hub. The two objectives work hand in hand: Artists make New York City great, and in turn, the town gives artists an intense level of energy, stimulation and opportunity that is unmatched around the world,” said Tate.

“Our secondary goals are to build community among these artists, many of whom toil long hours in pursuit of their creative vision and rarely have time to meet each other as result, and to help drive foot traffic and commerce to neighborhood galleries across the five boroughs. These goals also fit into the larger whole. New York City is a giant cultural ecosystem, and Curate NYC exists to help keep that system evolving, growing and fully alive,” added Simmons.

The postcard exhibition is on display now through Nov. 2 at Rush Arts Gallery, and “NYC25: Artists Imagine New York City 25 Years in the Future” is open at the Westwood Gallery NYC from Oct. 25 through Nov. 14.

For more information about Curate NYC and the dates for the exhibition, go to the official website at