Embattled Trenton Mayor Tony Mack will begin what many contend will be the fight of his political life in less than six weeks when he goes on trial by the feds for extortion, bribery, money laundering and other charges in Trenton.

The besmirched politico, along with his brother and another man, was busted in September 2012 during a federal sting in an alleged scheme to accept bribes for preferential treatment from developers. The trial was originally scheduled to begin this past February and was then moved to the summer and is now scheduled to begin in January. Mack has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and has refused to step down as mayor of the crime-plagued capital city.

Efforts to implore the mayor to resign—including a recall vote last November—and a suggestion from Gov. Chris Christie have failed, and Mack has vowed to complete his term as mayor through next year. He is accused of conspiring to accept $119,000 in bribes in exchange for using his influence over the development of a parking garage on city-owned land. The feds reportedly have video and tape recordings and mounds of evidence involving Mack and his cronies in the scheme.

Mack, 47, has given minimal public comments about the allegations
. However, his attorney, Mark Davis, managing partner at the brother-and-sister Davis Law Firm in Hamilton, N.J. said, “[Mack] is innocent of all charges and will remain on the job as mayor.” The trial begins on Jan. 6 and is expected to last several weeks.