New York Amsterdam News Web Editor and Internship Coordinator Amity Paye is the new vice president of print for the New York Association of Black Journalists (NYABJ). She begins her two-year term on Jan. 1.

Paye replaces AmNews staff writer Cyril Josh Barker, who held the position before her. Serving along with her are President Michael Feeney, Vice President of Broadcast Julie Walker, Treasurer Dwight Oestricher and Parliamentarian Madison Joe Gray.

An award recipient and active member of the organization, the Boston native said that while she’s known about NABJ since she was a teen, her involvement led her to take on a leadership position.

“It’s exciting,” Paye said. “I’ve been aware of NABJ since I started journalism when I was 14. I wasn’t very active when I was a teen and in college, but I’ve been getting more connected as an adult.”

She added that she wants to represent print journalists and expand the work to the organization as a whole. Paye also brings lots of new projects and ideas with her and wants to hear from everyone.

“I want to do professional mentorship with NYABJ members mentoring each other,” Paye said. “I’ve had conversations with other members, and it’s been exciting because I got the chance to see what everybody wants.”

A 2006 graduate of Syracuse University, Paye has been at the AmNews for the last three years.

NYABJ is the New York affiliate of the National Association of Black Journalists. Founded in 1976, the chapter currently has a membership of over 200 and was named the 2013 “Chapter of the Year.”