Looking for that last-minute gift for the special man in your life? Shop at Knot Standard for a custom-made suit. Knot Standard is an online clothing company that makes men’s clothing, including suits, shirts, blazers and slacks. Its New York City firm works with precision tailoring, and they combine cutting-edge technology with skilled master tailors who deliver your garments with a perfect fit.

For the special gift, Knots Standard offers a special gift card (complete with fabrics and a preview of his new clothes) that gives you a chance to give a gift of custom-made men’s clothing with just a few clicks of the mouse. Here’s how it works: All gift cards come “blank”—ready to be loaded with the perfect design for that special man—in a handmade gift box. Then, at www.knotstandard.com/redcard, buyers will design the suit, shirt or coat they want to give—and decide if they’d like to let the recipient change it afterward! They enter the code on the gift card, and the design is automatically saved.

Knot Standard then overnights a sample of the fabric, a special Knot Standard measuring tape and a booklet with details and photos of the custom gift, ready to wrap in the Knot Standard gift box.After opening the gift, he answers a few simple questions, and his order is delivered in three to four weeks.

“We take pride in every single item of clothing we construct,” said Matt Mueller, CEO of Knot Standard. “We invest 100 percent in getting the absolute perfect fit for each individual customer, and we take our customer’s satisfaction very seriously.”

Knot Standard was launched in 2010, and it’s the brainchild of John Ballay and Matt Meuller, two Americans who were then living in Dubai. They later partnered with Tarig El-Sheikh, an experienced finance executive, and they have now expanded their operations globally.

From all over the world, Knot Standard allows gentlemen access to a world of talented tailors. They offer handmade bespoke suits at price points that customers would usually pay for an off-the-rack, run-of-the-mill suit. Upping the stakes, Knot Standard uses innovative 3-D imaging via webcam to get the most perfect measurements for clients and laser-cutting technology at the workshop to ensure each suit is cut to fit each individual customer.

“It’s all about the perfect fit, individual style and impeccable tailoring,” explained Ballay. “The key to being well-dressed is always fit, and that’s what gives Knot Standard a competitive edge. We don’t use patterns. Each bespoke suit is cut directly from a bolt of cloth to the measurements of the individual customer. We like to joke that our suits come in just one size—yours.”

They use the best of Italian and English fabrics and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and around-the-clock customer service. They make suits for all occasions. Bespoke advisors are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help guide customers through the measuring process. They can also advise on suit types and fabric choices. These experts will help you with your selection of fit (slim versus traditional) and an array of fashionable options, including contrast collar button holes, peak collar lapels, shawl collar lapels, spread collars and straight collars.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a day trader or a C-level exec, looking smart is critical,” said El-Sheikh. “Most men don’t realize they’re wearing someone else’s clothes. Until you wear a Knot Standard suit that’s custom-made for you, you are wearing clothes made for a mannequin.”

Have a wonderful holiday season!