From across the city of New York, some 10,000 preteen elementary school girls and junior high and senior high ladies shared the best indoor track in the country, along with high school, college and 30s-plus ladies, as they competed for Colgate-Palmolive Educational Grants at the Armory track.

They came from every borough in the city, as well as from New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. They came from schools in New York’s Nassau and Suffolk counties. They came from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and they came from their schools in the cities and the suburbs.

It was indeed a spectacular Colgate Women’s Games. The ladies and their color-coded running and jumping outfits made for a photographer’s delight. And watching the colorful scene was the man who started it all, the soon-to-be-retired Fred Thompson, founder and director of the Colgate Women’s Games former U.S. women’s Olympic track and field coach.

Fred’s longtime assistant director, former Gold Medal U.S. Olympian Cheryl Toussaint-Eason, will move into the position of director. It will be a comfortable transition, as Toussaint-Eason has been the lady-in-charge of multiple Colgate Women’s Games tasks for many years. The Colgate Women’s Games Championship Finals is set for Dec. 28 at the Armory.