Merry Christmas everybody! I hope yours was merry and filled with delight, and all of your troubles were way out of sight. I tried and I tried with all of my might to be a good girl. I didn’t fuss. I didn’t fight.

The table was filled with all of the fixings; the guests arrived and there was plenty of mingling and mixings.

The children had fun with all of their toys; there were dolls for the girls and legos for the boys.

Mom was there with all of her friends, and we rocked until dawn and never wanted it to end. While we sipped on the nog and finished the pie, we swore to each other that we would never let the Christmas spirit die.

Dad dug up Barry White on the box, and we kicked off our shoes and danced in our socks. But there wasn’t a dry eye, a complaint or any fears, as he sang, “It’s gonna take my lifetime/It’s gonna take years and years. “What would a Christmas party be without Christmas cheer, as we took turns telling funny stories and lending an ear. The neighbors next door, they’d ring the bell. “Come on in,” I’d say, “what the hell?” There’s always room at the table for one more, and, gee, isn’t that what Christmas is for?

’Tis wasn’t the season for pretzels and beer, but the time to say, “I love you, my dear.” A time for family—whether by name, heart or blood—the good vibes flow like a major flood.

We never know which time is best—the night before Christmas or Christmas day. We only know we never want the Christmas spirit to go away. We are reminded with each passing day, there are things we should do and things we should say. While we’re working so hard to get our pay, remembering Christmas and saying “hey” to all those we know and those we don’t, there’s a lot we try to do and many things we won’t.

But this one thing I’ll do with all of my heart, as I hope we never, ever, never part: Do good deeds, and fulfill the needs of what we feel is missing most.

But then I think, when I see the lights twinkle and the pine smell go sweet, “I wish a home for all and something to eat.” Good fellowship and love is all we need, so let’s begin our work to plant good seeds.

If my most precious Christmas wish could come true, this one would be for you and for you: to have joy in our hearts, good health and a dream, and to think good thoughts—even though it may seem that Santa’s forgotten us and maybe he’s mean. Oh no, my friends! That could never be, for Santa just wants us all to see that the true meaning of Christmas is there all year long. It’s in our soul and it’s in each song. It’s the cry for peace and happiness, and this is where he says it best. Peace on Earth, goodwill to men, and, until next year when I see you again, remember that I’m never too far out of sight. Good night to all, and to all, a good night.

Until next year … kisses!