BAHAMAS (Jan. 9, 2014) – With the new year upon us, a leading Caribbean economist has called on the region’s citizens to take charge of their personal financial destiny and waste no time with playing the “blame game,” which he says is unhelpful.

“Government, politicians, national economies, the global economy, banks, credit card companies, inflation, Wall Street and others all have their influences, but they do not entirely determine our financial situations,” said Bahamian Zhivargo Laing. “It’s time to take personal responsibility and tap into our God-given gifts, talents and abilities to move ahead as best we can.”

Laing, who recently returned from the United States after presenting two successful seminars on the power to live better in good and bad times, contends that many peoples’ anxieties and diminished qualities of life have nothing to do with the recent global economic crisis. 

Rather, he posited, many misfortunes occurred when things were booming. “Indeed, good and bad times can lead people astray,” said Laing.

“It’s time to establish the proper foundation for financial success, understand the ground rules of finances, budgets, and set priorities and goals. But moreover, believe you can be successful in managing your finances,” the motivational speaker and author advised.

“Even in the face of personal circumstances that are difficult, believe that you can overcome,” says Laing. “Even many of the wealthiest among us have known days of struggle, desperation and despondency, but they also knew that giving up, giving in or lying down was not an option.”

The journey to success will not be easy, Laing warns, but it is one of sacrifice and wisdom. “And when you have good seeds to sow, just sow them. The returns are not your business nor mine. Because the soil itself will determine the results,” he said.

“So let’s make 2014 a comeback year,” he urged, “so we can look toward 2015 with even more optimism.”