Spring '14 designs by Tome (55582)

Tome’s collection comes from Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo. Their show—focused on couture-like clothes in various lengths and pastel colors—was spectacular, and the models in this show were stunning. These two designers created a noteworthy line given that this was their debut showing at Lincoln Center.

After holding many prestigious design posts, Martin settled in New York in 2007 as a design director with Derek Lam. He has traveled throughout Europe, working with several big name designers like Dunhill, Alberta Ferretti and Jean Paul Gaultier. He was also a consultant for various brands.

Lobo is currently a stylist and design consultant and has spent 15 years in fashion. He has traveled to the world’s fashion capitals as a buyer for leading Sydney luxury multi-brand stores. He has also contributed to progressive online magazines and has held styling positions for clients like the TV show “America’s Next Top Model.” Together, these two designers for are on their way up in the fashion industry.

At Desigual’s show, there was a nice breath of spring that brought Mediterranean sunshine—something folks in New York can use in this cold weather. Their prints were inspirational, bright and colorful in hues of yellow, orange, turquoise, red and purple. Their clothes (loose, abstract-printed dresses, wrap skirts, tight tops and framboise cotton pants) expressed a happy attitude that suggests people and cultures of a cool life. The show’s atmosphere exhibited this lust for living. Feeling well and free and dressing expressively are the concepts behind Desigual in every step of their fashion journey.

Spring and summer ’14 brings lively florals, tie-dyes and stripes to capture the essence of the good life. While going through the cold, just think about the warm, mesmerizing waters and the fragrant, lush terrain of the cities and islands of the Mediterranean.