Media personality, journalist and pop culture maven Candice “Ms. Drama” Williams has made a name for herself not only as one of the nation’s premier names in media, but also as a young businesswoman.

Williams’ resume includes working with four radio shows and running her own website ( Her fans know her best as the no-holds-barred entertainment journalist with the latest news and buzz on the stars. However, she is also a person who turned her passion into a business.

Her work and life were recently seen on the VH1 reality series the “The Gossip Game,” where she was one of seven female cast members in different stages of their careers making their way through New York City’s urban media market.

A native of New York, Williams was raised in northern Virginia. She studied English and Spanish from the historically Black, all-female Spelman College and later went to New York University for graduate school, obtaining a master’s degree in journalism. One of her journalism professors told her to consider a career in broadcast media due to her bubbly personality.

Williams said she got into journalism because of her passion for storytelling. “I loved the feeling and adrenaline rush of reporting and being able to have a conversation with someone and take that story and spread it to the world,” she said. “I love being someone who can be that voice that someone may not have. I fell in love with media because I like storytelling and putting things in a entertaining and thoughtful way.”

Her rise to the top includes a stint as a sports and news reporting intern for Atlanta’s WSB-TV, an entertainment reviewer for Newsday, a youth marketing consultant for ABC Daytime, a journalist for mtvU and Viacom and work with Hot 97, KISS-FM and CD 101.9.

Turning her interest to Internet and satellite radio, Williams is an on-air personality for “Major Playaz” radio show, Break Thru Radio, Everywhere Radio and Sirius 40: Hip-Hop Nation. She is known affectionately as the “Drama Queen of Radio” for tackling hot topics and giving her take on the latest issues.

Some of Williams’ famous interviews that have gained national attention include her interview with Cathy Hughes, founder of TV One and Radio One; a revealing interview with Liza Rios, the widow of late rapper Big Pun; and an exclusive with rapper G. Dep, who turned himself in after confessing to police to a 20-year-old murder.

On the Internet, she’s gained a following of tens of thousands on social media and has gotten millions of hits on her famed website. In 2008, she turned her passion into a business, founding Ms. Drama Entertainment LLC. Her company does marketing and branding for different companies to enhance their products, and it provides outreach and viability for brands.

“If you aren’t ready to be consistent, then this is not for you,” she said. “Consistency, perseverance, knowing that people are going to tell you no—you have to take that in and take that to mean ‘not right this second,’ but not ‘not ever.’ I have a strong faith and belief and purpose of where I want to go in life. There’s not much that can deter me.”

As for the future, Williams said she plans on working on a book and doing more television work, and she wants to focus on international exposure. She recently asked to serve as an international entertainment and luxury corespondent for Bleu Life Publications.