Pop-up stores are the fashion-of-the-moment spots that can simply pop up anywhere, anytime. The notion of not paying long-term rents or having a permanent store is news.

Just this Sunday, a stylish woman came to an open house dressed to the nines. When asked what she was wearing, she divulged that her waist-length, biker-styled, mink-collared jacket was designed by Givenchy. Her look was elegant yet simply stated. Her jacket topped a grey pleated skirt and was worn with a pink knitted hat and multicolor leather boots that matched the jacket; talk about being well put-together! Linda Williams’ outfit was the epitome of style.

When asked about her profession, she smiled and said, “I own a pop-up boutique called LE-MU-EL.” Apparently, she shops for new, vintage-looking, high-fashion styles. Williams sets her shop up at your house (almost like the Avon Lady) and sells her clothes. Ten percent of her sales goes to a special charity for families in need.

Known as a style maven since her childhood, she never followed any specific trend. “Clothes are how you express yourself,” she said.

Williams grew up in the Bronx and attended Manhattan and Hunter colleges. She shops constantly for designer fashions and advises women to always hit the clearance racks.

Her clothes are one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. For her pop-up boutique, just call 201-776-9569.

Very often, there are pop-up shops in Midtown that open just for Fashion Week or for a special promotion. Often, these shops are hosted by magazines or cosmetic companies. Some of them give away merchandise. They can appear anywhere on the street, too. Sometimes, you’ll even see them in the back of trucks.

On Jan. 25 at Mist Harlem’s Carbon Bazaar pop-up shop, you will find a curated marketplace stocked with collections from several contemporary artisans of color. This pop-up shop will be located at 46 W. 116th Street from 1-6 p.m.

Carbon Bazaar is the brainchild of co-founders Duane Thomas and Sharon Graham. These two friends met while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. A magazine veteran and photo books author, Thomas has worked in the arts departments of national consumer magazines such as Essence, Self, Elle and Vogue. He is also the author of “Body & Soul: The Black Male Book” (Universe Publishing). Graham is a designer and product development manager. He has over 15 years of experience working at fashion labels like the Ralph Lauren Corporation and HMX Group, the licensee for Ivanka Trump.

Look out for these pop-ups and be prepared to shop until you drop.