In celebration of Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 20, people around the world honor the civil rights leader and remember the great impact he had. King helped open the eyes of society and encouraged people not to judge others based on their skin color. He wanted a world where all people were treated fairly and color was not used as a basis for discrimination.

The AmNews asked some 12th-graders from Brooklyn’s Bedford Academy High School about King’s legacy.

“I think Dr. King was a very intelligent man who led a very special movement that impacted millions of others,” said Kaitlen Beckford, a 12th-grader.

“I think that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is a hero,” said 10th-grader Kayla Forbes. “He has changed the world, and Blacks and whites are now able to unite and be free despite the color of their skin.”

Twelfth-grader Kayla Inman told the AmNews, “Dr. Martin Luther King was an elegant individual, but he was taken too soon. He led the kings to their kingdom.”

“Dr. King had a dream for not only when you close your eyes, but when you are awake,” said 12th-grader Abigail Shallow.

We should celebrate and study the words of King 365 days of the year. Bedford Academy students all said that King was a great man who changed the world.