Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman was again the center of attention, and that’s all we have to say. (58519)
Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor is among the best at his position. (58523)

The National Football League and its Super Bowl workforce were fully prepared for the frigid weather they encountered on Super Bowl Media Day. Because of the frigid weather, Super Bowl Media Day was held indoors at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. Thousands of media from around the country and world filled the Prudential Center to await the arrival of the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. I left home really early (5 a.m.) for the event and arrived at the Super Bowl Media Center, which was located at the Sheraton Hotel on Seventh Avenue and 52nd Street.

Seattle wide receiver Wes Welker (Bill Moore NFL Media Day 
photos) (58521)
Denver tight end Julius Thomas received a lot of attention. (58525)

The buses departed for the trip to the Prudential Center, escorted by a number of New York City Police vehicles who led the way. A crowd of over 10,000 fans filled the seats, enjoying being a part of this historic event and relishing their chance to see the Super Bowl teams from Denver and Seattle. The Rutgers University Marching Band entertained the media and the fans filling the seats in the arena. They will perform at MetLife Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

Seattle Wide receiver Percy Harvey (58522)

New Jersey native Queen Latifah will sing “America the Beautiful” as part of the Super Bowl XLVIII pre-game festivities. Fox will provide coverage of the pre-game festivities, as well as coverage of the game itself. Pam Oliver will be reporting from the sideline, providing game reports with Erin Andrews. Oliver joined the Fox NFL team in 1995 and has established herself as one of the best female sports reporter on network television. Oliver’s timely featured interviews on Fox NFL Sunday continue to be well-received.

Oliver joined the ESPN network in 1993 and moved over to Fox in 1995, where she has spent the past 19 years.