The phrase “think global, act local” urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their communities. The phrase is also the mantra for health care organizer, master gardener and Newark Science and Sustainability (SAS) founder Tobias A. Fox.

The community-driven nonprofit conducts workshops in the New Jersey area that promote community gardening by helping farmers cultivate gardens in their neighborhoods. Next month, SAS will collaborate with the NAACP of Oranges and Maplewood to present a workshop for African-American and Latino males titled “Believe in Yourself, Pursue Your Purpose and Inspire the World.” The goal of the workshop is to encourage youth to be proactive in their community by seeking opportunities that will enhance their development and inspire them to be future leaders. Organizers of this event say a massive reeducation process for our youth throughout the nation is needed.

“In urban communities, our youth have been robbed of a relevant education. Most youth in urban communities have no clue about climate change, not to mention how to grow their own food,” Fox told the AmNews. “They are surrounded by nothing but fast-food chains and bodegas. They have no connection to solar and wind technology. They know nothing about clean renewable energy.”

Fox added that our future leaders should be well-versed in nutrition education, urban farming, eco-art and ecological building.

The workshop will be held at the Elmwood United Presbyterian Church in East Orange, N.J., on Feb. 15. Fox and Hofstra University’s Dr. Christopher C. Catchings will share with the youth how their resiliency helped them overcome educational and socioeconomic disadvantages.